Sérélyspharma background



"For me you are one of those exceptional pupils that we sometimes have the luck to meet during training. NLP is made for you and you are made for it.

I know to what extent it is important for you to carry out a protocol in an optimal and adapted way for the person that you accompany. The commitment that you put in your training and your practical application is equal to the creativity and the lightness which you add to adapt yourself to your customer and to find the best way of respectfully accompanying him."


"It emanates from you a great softness and a great determination. Having you at one's side, there is no other possibility than achieving the objective. You know how to motivate a person. It is your personality, a contagious dynamism, which transports us with enthusiasm on the path of success and progress. Thanks again for your help, your availability, your punctuality, your joy and your professionalism."


"I wanted to request a salary increase from my employer, but I was afraid and I didn't see how I could achieve this, despite the positive evolution of my work. I, thus, participated with Christina in a Life Coaching session. Christina welcomed me with my story and my motivations, we were in a calm place, with powerful coaching tools. Masks and the false pretences were dropped, inhibitions and fears unpacked for one single aim: meet myself.

Christina is a Life Coach who helps to make intelligible what is not yet aware, she has the talent to articulate the potential of a person and the achievement of their objectives.

All that allowed me to think, to clarify my deep desires and my inhibitions. I loved this session, and the exercises were breathtaking. A few weeks later, Christina had noted the date of my meeting with my Director and sent me a message. At the time this gave me more courage and I spoke quite naturally to my Director, with much more ease and I got my increase. I certainly would work again with Christina, I was overwhelmed."