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Coaching is not an alternative to a psychoanalysis or psychotherapy. M. Moral and P. Angel in their book «Coaching - tools and practices» used this metaphor:

"The coachee (client) is a person who wants to reach the Summit of a mountain. However, he realizes that he will have to face various difficulties - dizziness, fatigue, and especially this steep cliff of 300 meters - and this perspective affects his determination. To achieve his goal, he may ask to a climbing instructor (Trainer), a guide (a Council), he may join a group led by a mountain dweller (a manager-coach), go with a famous climber (mentor), seek the assistance of a psychologist trained in CBT (cognitive and behavioural therapies) to overcome his phobia, consult a psychiatrist to prescribe drugs against anxiety or a psychoanalyst to find out why he wants to climb the Summit despite his fear.

With the climbing teacher he would have learned a technique to resolve each of its problems: for example pass this steep cliff. Some trainers may have initiated him using pitons and cords, while others may have taught him a more risky, but freer approach. The guide might have judged his level before pointing the direction. But our coachee might have been disappointed to go through the pastures rather than face the famous Cliff…

The mountain dweller would not have been very much interested in the coachee because he would have been in a rush to reach the Summit: he would have complained of his slow ascent, but would sometimes have issued a useful opinion. The famous mountain climber, for his part, would have described the mountain, its magnitude, the joy to be defying Nature, and he would have taught him the humility required to afford this challenge. The doctor would have prescribed drugs not only against the Vertigo, but also against anxiety and, why not, a bouquet of vitamins. And, after a long psychoanalysis, the coachee might have finally discovered that the rock is a metaphor of the paternal power, which he dares not to face. Finally, our Mountaineer will ask a Life Coach to accompany him, looking for someone helping to enable appropriate solutions by himself. "

Of course the Life Coach will check that our Mountaineer faces no danger in his ascent.

Everybody is different and may choose his own way to reach the Summit.

I, myself, do not suggest to "support" or to "lead" you on your way climbing the mountain. I propose to stand by your side with a customized Life Coaching, focused entirely on your needs, helping you to discover yourself, your resources, potential and power.

The Life Coach TRANSMITS knowledge to his client to make him become autonomous in the challenges of future issues