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Ponctual appointments in hypnosis and NLP are possible.

COACHING Life Coaching takes place during a short period of time. Generally 8 to 12 sessions of approximately 60 to 90 minutes are held within 3-4 months. The accompaniment starts after a first meeting, free of charge, between the client and his coach. The agreement to continue the coaching is mutually decided and a contract is signed.

Using well-defined questions the coach permits the client to fix a measurable, realistic, attainable and ecological (without any negative implications for the client or his companions) objective. The present state is estimated, the brakes and potential barriers are discovered and the path to the reach the objective is initiated.

Life Coaching can be practiced in a manner of face-to-face in a neutral and friendly place, by telephone or email exchange. Any means of modern communication may be possible. However, the personal meeting is the most "complete" way, because the coach may use all his senses to "listen" to his client. But if the circumstances do not permit an appointment, the Life Coaching session can be also effective via telephone or e-mail.

The Life Coach questions and listens actively. He is sensitive to expressions, how the client formulates his words, his gestures and glances with the conviction that only the knowledge discovered by the client himself is useful.

TThe accompaniment subsequently unfolds in three main stages: the DIAGNOSTIC to identify the areas of work, the proper ACCOMPANIMENT in which these areas of work are developed and the phase of SYNTHESIS where the results are highlighted.

Intercessional work and exercises are usually proposed by the coach and selected and validated by the client.

 The steps already accomplished, the distance left to reach the target as well as next steps to be taken are regularly evaluated and corrected. The change and the integration of new behaviours are obtained in a smooth and sustainable way. Unlike other methods of assistance, Life Coaching questions the how, not the why!

The Coach sees opportunities where others only see problems!