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LIFE COACHING is known in France since the 1980s and comes from the United States. The term "coach" in its origins referred to a tutor, a mentor who "prepares" the student to succeed an examination. The meaning of "sports trainer" appeared later. LIFE COACHING differs however from mentoring due to the equality between the "Coach" and the "Coachee" or "Client". Unlike the mentor who is usually a superior, the Coach believes that each person has all the potential resources within himself and that they just have to be revealed.

The Coach is therefore in a superior position as a master of the process of change, but in an inferior position regarding the content where the client is in a superior position.

LIFE COACHING is also different from council and psychotherapy.

Philosophy is one of the roots of LIFE COACHING insofar as it is an autonomous exercise of reason. To formulate problems, to find varied solutions and to advance by seeing life differently are integral parts of Coaching as well as of Philosophy.