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According to the French dictionary LAROUSSE, hypnosis is a particular state of consciousness between awakening and sleeping.

This "modified consciousness" we experience, naturally, several times a day spontaneously. Have you ever driven your car without remembering any more the last kilometres? Have you asked yourself « Were the lights red or green? Were there people in the street? » Have you ever sat on the sofa with your glance far away? At those moments you are "somewhere else" while being "there"!

Hypnosis is somewhat comparable to those situations. A state where the conscious is present (it is part of you), but leaving a place to your unconscious to express.
In contrary to Sigmund Freud, for whom the unconscious was a place of repulsion, Milton Erickson, an American Psychiatrist of the 20th century and one of greatest therapists of all the time, added the notion of " reservoir of our memories, capacities, potential and possibilities ". He is at the origin of a form of hypnosis that revolutionized the short therapies: the non-directive Hypnosis, the Erickson Hypnosis.

As a Practitioner of Erickson Hypnosis, I adhere to several ethical principles such as:

  • Respect for the dignity and the integrity of the person
  • Never damage the ecological balance of the person
  • Respect and adhere strictly to confidentiality
  • Never use Hypnosis for a personal advantage
  • Protect the autonomy, the capacity and the right to be informed, the freedom of choice, the decision and judgement of the person


Other than the simple curiosity to wish to experiment this pleasant state, hypnosis can improve numerous situations of the everyday life:
The indications can be:

  • sleeping discorder with nightly awakenings and difficulties to fall asleep again
  • anxiety and stress
  • chronic pains
  • phobias and fears
  • to reinforce weight loss or to quit smoking
  • lack of self-confidence
  • difficulties of concentration

I am at your entire disposal for further information and hope to see you soon….