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Life Coaching is a practice of accompanying an individual, referred to as the client or coachee, through the process of achieving a specific personal or professional result. It is a partnership between coach and client where the client is the master of the content and where the coach, master of the process, allows its client to progress autonomously.

The goal is to achieve the target set by the client as well as to gain autonomy to deal with any future issues.

Life Coaching is focused on the client and is completely customized. We are all different. There is not a single solution for a problem but several possibilities. And at the same time solutions for each problem exist.

You want to manage your life? Something holds you back?

You want to realize a dream? Something hinders you?

You have made resolutions? You are unable to reach or maintain them?

The coach knows that you have all resources to succeed to manage your life.

He knows that you have the power to realize your dreams.

He knows how to help you discover the possible solutions to succeed your resolutions.

He stands by your side to help you to discover your potential. He does not invent anything. He isn't your walking stick. He simply reveals your own capabilities and guides you on a part of your path through life.