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Definition of Life Coaching

Life Coaching: Life Coaching is the establishment of a partnership with clients in a process of reflection and creativity, to encourage the client to maximize his potential in both personal and professional related issues.

The Code of Ethics is a frame of reference primarily consisting of standards (standards of knowledge, standards of behaviour, quality standards....) explicitly reflecting the ethical concern of our profession.

The Code of Ethics is a framework guaranteeing against some disordered practices.

The Code of Ethics is a common grammar of quality interpretation. Coaching is a process of means and skills including sometimes sensitive or complex evaluation.

Ethical Charter (extract)

In my capacity as coach:

  • I make no public statement which is false nor propose misleading services as a coach, nor make any false claim in form of a document written about the profession of a coach or my certificates.
  • I will identify accurately my qualifications, my skills, my experience, and my certificate in coaching.
  • I will admit and commend the efforts and the work of others without assigning myself the merits. I recognize that the non-compliance with this standard may expose me to legal recourse on the part of a third party.
  • II shall try constantly to identify personal problems likely to affect, prevent or interfere with my mission for accompanying or my professional coaching relationships. When the facts and circumstances require it, I would immediately ask the help of professionals and decide the action to be undertaken, including deciding whether or not it is necessary to suspend or terminate my coaching relationship (s).
  • I will respect the difference, the choice and the interests of my clients and their values.
  • I have and will make account research showing skills, honesty and recognized scientific standards and applicable guidelines. I conduct my research with the consent and agreement of the persons involved and in an approach that protects participants of any potential risk. All my work of research will be conducted in compliance with all the applicable laws of the country in which location research is carried out.
  • I will retain, store and destroy any record created during my coaching activity to preserve the confidentiality, security and property and to ensure compliance with the laws and agreements in force.
  • I will seek to avoid actual and potential conflicts of interest and I reveal such conflicts to the public. I will propose to withdraw if a conflict occurred.
  • I shall not knowingly accept any personal, professional or financial advantage nor draw profit from the coach-client relationship, except in the case of a form of compensation defined in the agreement or contract.
  • I will not make, in full knowledge of the cause, false or erroneous statement on which my client will perceive of the process of coaching or my own person as a coach.
  • I will give to my clients or sponsors, no information or advice which I know or think being untrue or false.
  • The agreements or contracts with my clients will be clear. I'll honour all agreements or contracts established in my relations of professional coaching.
  • I take care to explain and to ensure that, before or at the time of the initial meeting, my clients understand the nature of coaching, the nature and limits of confidentiality, financial arrangements and any other clause of the agreement or contract of coaching.
  • I will respect the right of the client to stop the relationship of coaching at any time during the process according to the agreement or contract. I will be attentive to the signs indicating to me that the client does not anymore benefit from our coaching relationship.
  • I will encourage the client to change the coach if I consider that it is in the interest of the client to seek another coach or another resource.
  • If I judge necessary or appropriate, I suggest to my client to seek the services of other professionals.
  • I'll assure the strictest level of confidentiality for all of the data of the client. I will establish an agreement or a clear contract before disclosing data to a third party.

As a member of the International Coach Federation I agree on their code of ethics (www.coachfederation.org )