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My name is Christina Lebreton. I was born in 1967 in Germany. I am married since 1998 and mother of two children.

Before leaving my native country in 1996 for France, I worked in an ICU for burn victims, taking care of those patients and managing other nurses. I later joined an American biotechnology company which cultured autologous epithelial skin to cover the wounds of patients seriously burned to allow them to survive. I have discovered the American and French cultures and I have travelled all over Europe and parts of Asia within the framework of my work.

Being a registered nurse has established the foundation of my professionalism and my stable personality

My personal development through psychoanalysis during 6 years helped me grow interiorly. My curiosity brought me to coachingThis professional training was revealing. Coaching and the techniques used have become an art of life. I realize now that I used most of these techniques already when I was young without linking this way of life to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming, see practical information) and coaching. I completed my trainings becoming a Master Practitioner in Hypnosis and NLP.

Coaching is embedded in my life and allows me to be myself.

I am involved in many sports and festive events as a volunteer. Those activities allow me to broaden my vision of the world by meeting people of different and varied ages and cultures.

I have a great pleasure to see the faces of my clients light up when, thanks to my tools, they actively move towards their goal. To see them succeed and achieve their goals.

This work allows me to serve some of my values: honesty, respect, optimism and helping others.

If you are now curious yourself to learn more about this great way to move forward in life in an active, happy and responsible way, I would be very happy meeting with you.